Workout Wednesday and Gluten-Free Updates!

Do you ever go to the gym and have no desire whatsoever to stay on the treadmill for a boring 30 minutes? Well, bored no more! This is the perfect workout to bust the indoor workout monotony especially during the winter months when outdoor workouts are not always possible. 
My roommate, Brooke, and I completed this workout today at the gym and it kicked our butts! Moving from machine also kept boredom at bay and it challenged lots of different muscle groups while building endurance and strength. 
After following a gluten-free diet for over a week now,  I am feeling so much better and most of my GI issues and headaches that I was suffering from prior to going GF have resolved.  
My grocery bill was surprisingly the same when I went to purchase my groceries for the first week of gluten-free eating. I typically shop at Trader Joe’s where gluten-free options are abounding and cheaper than larger-chain supermarkets. However, some foods that I realized were extremely expensive were processed gluten-free products. For example, a loaf of gluten-free bread was a whopping $4.99 at Trader Joe’s and gluten-free granola was $3.99 (usually just $2.29). To combat spending extra, I simply eliminated 2-3 gluten-containing foods that I would normally buy to purchase these staple items and then bought the rest of my foods fresh (which are lower in cost and naturally gluten-free).  
Eating out was actually much easier than I expected as I steered away from all bread/wheat-containing entrees and stuck with protein and veggie based dishes. The only challenge I had was when ordering salads, which are often topped with gluten-containing toppings like croutons/other bread products. To combat this I simply asked for these to be left off of my dish.  When eating out, I was also sure to look up the menus beforehand to be sure that the restaurant had some gluten-free menu items and I was not afraid to ask my server to make modifications to my meal. 
 If I was counseling a client that was prescribed this diet I would share my personal experience with gluten sensitivity symptoms as well as the foods that I always have on hand that are naturally gluten-free like brown rice, gluten free oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice pasta, and gluten free bread) to make it much easier to prepare quick and healthy gluten free meals.  I would also discuss eating out tips with this client and encourage them to be an advocate for their own health by asking their server at a restaurant which menu items are truly gluten-free as well as requesting gluten-free menu items if none are available at the time.  
After trying out this diet for a week, I will be continuing to eat mostly gluten-free for the long term because I am feeling so much better and am having less and less fogginess, GI issues, and headaches. This diet was much easier to follow than I originally expected and is very realistic for the long term with a little bit of extra planning.

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