Workout Wednesday: 15 Minute Cardio Killer

If you’re like me, there are days when being at the gym for more than 20-minutes after a long, busy day sounds less than appealing. That’s why I created this super-fast, intense workout that will give you all of the benefits of an hour long, total body workout in just 15 minutes. Added bonus: You don’t need ANY equipment to complete this workout so this can be done anywhere, anytime. I’ve done this workout when I haven’t felt like leaving my apartment this winter on cold or rainy days (sorry downstairs neighbors!).

This workout is TOUGH. You will feel sore the next day. But you will love it. Do this 2-3 times a week along with 2-3 days of other cardio workouts/ strength training, and you will feel stronger and fitter in NO time!

Confession: I hate burpees. They are my least favorite exercise and yet I still do them because I know that they literally work out every single muscle in your body (probably why I hate them). After doing my first set of burpees a few years ago I literally thought I might die, however, after doing them somewhat regularly now I can safely say I no longer turn beet red and lose all breathing capabilities after doing one set. Small steps right? That’s why they are the first exercise in this workout. Get them out of the way!

Workout note: Complete these exercises circuit-style with no rest in between except for the 30-second recovery halfway through.  This will keep your heart rate high throughout the entire workout!

Happy sweating!!


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