Spring Style Files

First real fashion post? Why not?! Charleston is starting to feel like, well…Charleston. The heat is rising {along with the humidity} so I am finally getting to pull out the spring wardrobe as well as purchase some new staples. Since moving here back in July, I have loved getting to be more creative with my style and really bring out some more adventurous and quirky outfits as Charleston is swarming with bold trends, flowy layers, and lots and lots of trendiness.

I am really loving maxi skirts, like the tribal print skirt shown above, that I actually ordered from Amazon for $15 {gasp}. This skirt is super comfortable and can be dressed up for work or a night out and comes in TONS of colors/prints.

One of my favorite combos these days : Maxi skirt + flowy top + fun accessories. Can this be my spring/summer uniform? 🙂

This outfit:
Top: Forever 21
Maxi Skirt: Amazon
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet Stack: Versona
IT’S THE WEEKEND and I can’t even wait. Hope yours is wonderful!

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