Never Taking Life Too Seriously…

Weekends like this leave me feeling so happy but also very reminiscent. After being with my three best friends for the past couple of days it is always hard to say our goodbyes again after soaking up as much time as possible together. Although I am extremely blessed to have my closest friends just a few short hours away, I am always left with the lingering feeling of how much my life could change in just a few months. With my internship ending in June, I am still unsure of what the Lord has in store for me next but have been so amazed by His faithfulness and provision within my friendships this year and am so excited for what is ahead!

This weekend, the four of us enjoyed the gorgeous Charleston weather and loved exploring, relaxing, and eating at lots of my favorite local restaurants. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Sugar for some cupcakes and sunshine in the adorable little courtyard. Hidden gems like this are exactly why I love Charleston so much.

Later that day we met up with some friends at Isle of Palms for a relaxing night of beach fun. Sometimes I still can’t believe how close I live to this beauty!

Sunday morning after church, we hit up Queen Street Grocery for brunch. This is another one of my favorite subdued gems in Charleston with its delicious crepes, cold-press coffee, and locally focused atmosphere. Feels like home.

On Sunday afternoon, Alex and I took the whole “Sunday Fun Day” thing to a whole new level with a four hour beach trip and margarita break mid-afternoon. Things I love about our friendship #50004. My adventure + crazy life decision partner forever.

What a dream. I am so thankful for these girls and all that we have walked through together over the past five years. Weekends like this remind me of the incredible blessing of these beautiful friendships. Jesus has used each of this women to show me more and more characteristics of Himself and His incredible love for me. So what if I have no idea what to do next with my life? This is just the start of the fun part… 🙂


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