Thing’s I’m Loving: Healthy Lunchbox Edition

Packing a healthy lunch has become somewhat of an art for me this year as I often get tired of bringing the same thing over and over. It has been quite the creative game to come up with new lunch box ideas week after week!

 I have a typical criteria that I try to stick to for my lunches simply because I need plenty of healthy nutrients to give me energy for the rest of my day.. and it’s crucial to get in all of those food groups (veggies, fruits, grains, protein, dairy)!

My lunchbox criteria:

-At least one veggie
-A fruit
-Some form of protein ( usually chicken, chickpeas, black beans, or peanut butter)
-A healthy fat (found in almonds, olive oil, avocados)
-Something slightly sweet to curb my sweet tooth in the afternoon!

This week’s picks:

1. Baby Spinach + Diced Chicken + Red Peppers + Shredded Parm + Balsamic + Lemon. So refreshing and light! Perfect for this whole summer heat thing we have going on here.

2. Fresh strawberries. Always.

3. Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds. These help curb my mid-morning hunger that typically hits around 10:00 am and provides those healthy fats that I was describing above!

4.These yummy Blueberry Whole Wheat Bran Muffins from Trader Joe’s {yep I know they look homemade but I cheated on these}. They are just 100 calories and are made with simple and pure ingredients. Perfect for curbing my after lunch craving for something sweet!

5. My own Sparkling Lemonade Spritzer creation combining seltzer water + light pink lemonade for a 10 calorie, refreshing, treat!

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