Top 5 Charleston Coffee Shops

Oh boy this was a fun one for me. I am a sucker for a good coffee shop. And Charleston is not lacking in amazing coffee spots with unique and quirky atmospheres. These are the few that I keep going back to and here’s why you should visit each of them…

1. Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer (Downtown Charleston). This might as well be called my second home in Charleston as I feel just as much at home here as I do on my own couch. The staff here is awesome, the coffee is on point, and the atmosphere promotes community and the overall Charleston feel. You must go here.

Drink picks: Iced Coffee, Almond Milk Chai, Bangkok Tea

2. Black Tap Coffee (Downtown Charleston). A coffee spot that will make you feel instantly cool. This place has a bright and welcoming vibe and they serve up some rockin’ cold brew. I love coming here to get work done during the day! Caffeine= productivity. 

Drink picks: Cold Brew, Coconut Tea

3. Collective Coffee (Mount Pleasant). A gem in the Mount Pleasant area, Collective Coffee is a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. They also have a pretty impressive menu that is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch date!

Drink picks: Iced Coffee (as usual :), Iced Latte

4. Brown’s Court Bakery (Downtown Charleston).  I have posted about Brown’s Court multiple times. And I will continue to. It’s that wonderful! I love their unique take on coffee and baked goods as well as the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Drink Pick: Coconut Iced Coffee 

5. Metto (Mount Pleasant). This tiny little spot is new on my favorites list but I am a big fan of the porch seating area and cozy setting. Oh and the iced almond milk chai is killer.

Drink Pick: Almond Milk Chai

Now if you live in or are visiting Charleston in the future… you’re set in the caffeine department 😉 


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