NYC Coffee Tour

I have been in NYC the past three days on a little spontaneous adventure before the Thanksgiving holiday… and let’s just say that an incredible chunk of the time I spent there was spent finding the best coffee (and of course, food, but that’s a different story entirely). There are HUNDREDS of little coffee stops that all boast pretty much the same drink menu, but I was on a mission to find some of the local best. Here are my picks:

1. Two Hands. “Good Food by Good Dudes.” Yes. This was the first coffee stop of the trip. My friend Nathalie loves this spot and  I now understand why! The staff is super friendly and Two Hands has a warm, community feel. It was PACKED on Saturday morning with the breakfast/brunch crew but we were still able to find a cozy table to relax at for a while and enjoy an almond milk latter + acai bowl. This was the best acai bowl I have ever had! And I don’t think it was only because I was starving from just hopping off the plane… it was actually that delicious. This place stole my heart!

 2. Mudspot. 307 E 9th St. I met up with a friend in the East Village on Saturday afternoon and Mudspot was the perfect place to warm up and catch up on a chilly afternoon. They have a delicious looking and extensive brunch menu, but I was just in the mood for coffee (typical) and ordered yet another almond milk latte (hey, at least I am consistent!). This is a great stop for weekend brunch with friends on a cheerful little street in the East Village. These people love their caffeine, friendship, and pancakes. What more could ya ask for?

3. Ost. Our before church breakfast spot on Sunday morning. I loved the crisp, white, European feel of this place. Oh yea and the lattes are beautiful and the pastries delicious. The perfect little stop for a morning out!

4.  Bluebird Coffee Shop. I stopped in here for breakfast early Monday morning before heading out for a run . It has the coziest little atmosphere and you can tell that the people in here frequent this place on the reg. I ordered an almond milk latte + baked oatmeal which was to die for. I need to remake this oatmeal at home ASAP.

5. Zucker Bakery. Oh my yum. I stopped in here Monday afternoon to get a little work done and ordered a Rugelach with dates, almonds, cloves, and a crispy dough as well as a latte made with Stumptown coffee (my favorite discovery from that crazy road trip back in July). This is a locally owned bakery with a homey feel and baked goods/pastries to DIE FOR.

So don’t blame me the next time you are under-caffeinated in NYC…

More adventure updates to come!


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