Saint Alban Cafe & Coffee Shop

As many of you know or can tell from my posts, I am quite the coffee shop aficionado. I love trying out the newest little spots in cities all over the country and am especially proud of Charleston for springing up lots of fresh coffee joints just over my past year and a half of residence. I am happy to provide them with lots of business when starting up ;).

St. Alban is located in my neck of the woods on Upper King, an up and coming area of Charleston that has been making its comeback just over the past year or so. St. Alban is cozy, beautiful, and immediately welcoming. I visited on only it’s third day of business, and the place was full of new patrons already! Just goes to show what a little word of mouth and Instagram can do for ya.

The coffee menu is nothing out of the ordinary, but this joint is the only spot in Charleston that offers La Colombe coffee, a roaster hailing from Philadelphia. I ordered my usual almond milk latte which got my approval (and oh man have I had enough almond milk lattes to power me to California and back…haha).

Where I feel that St. Alban stands out is in the all-day menu and unique eats. They serve food and drinks late into the evening and essentially turn into a restaurant in the evening hours. Since I visited in the early afternoon, I ordered a Marinated Tomato and Ricotta “Tartinette” which is basically delicious, toasty bread with lots of ricotta and roasted tomatoes. My fave. It was a perfect afternoon snack!

So if you are curious about this new spot and are in the area, I would recommend stopping by ASAP. Word is spreading fast and this place is wonderful. Perfect for a lazy morning, afternoon work sesh, or evening hangout with friends. I’m sold!


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