Healing & The Table

 “Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts”

2 Timothy 2:22 

Over the past few weeks, I have witnessed the building process of a beautiful farm table that is now sitting proudly in our dining room. One night last week, my precious roommate, Brooke, was busy at work sanding the edges of the plain, raw-edged wood of the freshly constructed skeleton of a table. I stood there silently as I watched her smooth, smooth out the edges of what was once rough and ragged. This was a process. This took time and concentration. But as I watched closely, I saw what was once the roughest of edges turn into a smooth, beautifully shaped, and level surface.

I felt the Lord speaking clearly to me that night. This process. This table. This is your story. THIS IS THE STRAIGHT UP GOSPEL.

Out of the most broken of seasons, we are built back up by His grace. He can turn shattered pieces into something beautiful and whole. He can smooth out the most tattered edges of our hearts while we are being molded and shaped. Only our God can take the most ragged situation and turn it into a redeemed, whole, and healed creation.

I have come to learn that in the midst of the chaos, confusion, and struggle that the table is where we can find center again. There is power in creating something comforting, nourishing and beautiful. But there is more power in the humbling act of gathering, laying down your pride and burdens of the day, and sitting at the table together. I have learned more and more about this over the past year or so as I have also learned the true definition of community that is found in raw, transparent, sometimes painstakingly truthful relationships.

When you are at the table, you have no choice but to be on the same level with those you are with. Walls come down. Truth comes out. Hope is restored.

This is not just a farm table. This is a symbol of hope and strength in the midst of the most transient, chaotic, confusing of seasons. A symbol of the rock on which my house, my community, and all who call on the name of Jesus, stand firm. The rock of Christ, the hope of glory, the promise of Kingdom come.

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