Comparison and Contentment.

“From his abundance we have received one gracious blessing after another” John 1:16 

For most of my life, I have struggled with the treacherous road of deception that is comparison. You name it, I have compared it: my house, my clothes, my body, my family, my money, my relationships, my church, my job, my creativity, my talents, my popularity, my success. EW. Sounds so gross, so superficial when you say it aloud like that, but comparison is so real and it’s something that we are often too ashamed to talk about.

I went through a particular season of life for several years where I compared every aspect of myself to that of the people closest to me. I have never been so unhappy, so lacking in joy, and so distant from people because I was always so inwardly focused. Jealous. Manipulative. Deceitful. YIKES.

The truth is, when we start obsessing over everything we lack, we are literally shaming the God who made us. We are discounting the beautiful story that the Lord is writing for us when we choose to covet the life, the possessions, the circumstances of someone else. When we focus on everything that we are lacking in, the enemy has free reign in creeping into our lives in the form of comparison. This is a dark, depressing, downward spiral that leads to nothing but distance from the God who made us and His desire for our lives.

But all praise to the one who brings us out of this deadly cycle of comparison. All praise to the one who can show us that when we focus on the strength, courage, gifts, passions that He has given to us, we are all the more capable of worshipping our God to the fullest potential.

When our identity rests in and through they eyes of a perfect savior, NOTHING in all of creation can separate us from the love of God that is found in Christ Jesus. No power of sin (comparison is SIN), can even separate us from the love of the one who made us. No scheme, no act, thought, word of man can alter the way that Christ sees you (Romans 8:39). All of the lies have been NAILED TO THE CROSS.

You are a child of God. Beloved. Adored. Precious.

Lord, rid us of the lies that are so often found in the sin that is comparison. Remind us that we are only enough because of the righteousness that is found through the grace and mercy shown through the fulfillment and completion brought through Christ.


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