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Several months ago, I read an article about some nasty stuff that was lying around in many of the “harmless” everyday products I was using. Although I spend my days as a dietitian promoting healthy, unprocessed foods, I had never paid attention to the things I wa s putting all over my skin EVERY DAY. Right now in the U.S., it is completely legal for companies to use toxic chemicals in the products that we put on our bodies daily – even if the ingredients are linked to cancer or other health problems. I mean, it was the things I didn’t even think twice about using: shampoo, face wash, lotion, foundation, lip gloss, mascara….AH.

The U.S. law that governs the $62 billion cosmetics industry was passed in 1938 and does not provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with the power to ask cosmetic companies for safety data or issue recalls of cosmetics found to be unsafe. In the U.S., 30 ingredients are restricted or banned from cosmetics. The European Union (EU) bans close to 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics (source: BeautyCounter). THIS IS INSANE. As a Registered Dietitian, I of all people should know that just because something is sold on a shelf does NOT mean that some of it’s ingredients cannot cause harm. And I had been completely ignorant to this for YEARS!

The first thing going through my head was: “well what in the WORLD do I use instead?!” and “Do I have to use hippie products that don’t work to not put toxins in my body?!”

And then I heard about BeautyCounter. I educated myself on what’s safe and what’s not (see “The Never List” below) and I overhauled my makeup bag. Once I started using the products, I was SO pleased to see for myself how much BeautyCounter values high-performance skincare and cosmetics that work while being 100% dedicated to your health. The products are developed into two pillars- Safety and Performance. BeautyCounter uses the strictest screening process in the industry and bans more than 1500 ingredients from our products. All of the products are safe without sacrificing performance!

I loved the products so much that  I decided to become a consultant myself! You can check out the products on my BeautyCounter site, or, if you are interested in learning more about safer beauty, please feel free to contact me so that I can give you more details, send you samples, and get these amazing, safe products in your hands as fast as possible! 🙂


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