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Hi! My name is Emily and welcome to The Savored Life! I currently live in Nashville, TN with my sweet husband Michael. I work as a Registered Dietitian where I get to see people’s live transformed by nutrition on a daily basis. Over the past several years- writing and sharing has become one of my greatest joys as I feel it is a way to express honestly what it looks like to employ my passions to build up and encourage those around me so that the Lord’s glory and goodness becomes more and more apparent.I have a love for healthy food, traveling, entertaining, cooking, and bringing people together around the table.  I am a passionate follower of Christ who is learning every day what it looks like to abide in His love.

This site is a collection of the loves of my life that I “Savor” the most and see the Lord’s goodness and love for me in on a daily basis. This is not just  a blog for me- this is a place of freedom. A place of rest. A place of transparency. A place of adventure and fun.  My hope for The Savored Life is that it is not only an encouragement to those who read it. But a reminder of the restoration that is found as we truly savor this abundant life.



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